Mouse expression

The effects of malaria infection on expression levels (mRNA and protein) of cytokines, chemokines, enzymes, adhesion molecules, angiogenic and coagulation factors, metabolic molecules, etc. in different organs and body fluids of mice infected with different rodent malaria species are listed in this part of the database. For each molecule, information about the genetic background of the mouse strain, parasite species, inoculum size (pRBC), references (Refs), and a hyperlink to the original paper in the PubMed database (U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health) is included.

Dynamic fields: these are the columns that you can select to show in the output table. See also "How to use MalarImDB?" for more information.

Abbreviations: A, activity; ND, not detectable; N.I., not indicated; ns, not significant; ↑d, increased levels on day x (example1: ↑d4-8: levels increase from day 4 postinfection until day 8 postinfection; example2: ↑d4-…: levels increase from day 4 postinfection until end of observation time; example3: ↑d4, d8: levels are increased on day 4 postinfection and on day 8 postinfection)↓, decreased levels; →, similar levels (no changes)