CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg cells

Molecular group: 
Immune cells
CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg cells
Plasmodium strain: 
Plasmodium berghei ANKA
pRBC infection titer: 
Mouse genetic background (Con): 
Experimental treatment group (EG): 
anti-CD25 (day -14)
Lethal infection (Con): 
Lethal infection (EG): 
Pathology (Con): 
CM (100%)
Pathology (EG): 
Parasitemia (EG vs Con): 
Reduced on day 5
Additional phenotypes (EG vs Con): 
Prolonged survival (2 weeks) (possible effect of inducible Treg cells??); no neurological symptoms; parasite burden is much higher than estimated by blood smears due to accumulation of parasites in peripheral tissue and vasculature; parasite burden greatly (~10-fold) decreased by anti-CD25; Brain: ↓ pRBC accumulation; similar VCAM-1 and ICAM-1; ↓ CD8+ T cells, ↑ number of macrophages and similar CD4+ T, B, NK, NKT cells, PMN, DC and microglia; similar CD69+CD4+ cells; ↓ CD69+CD8+ T cells; Spleen:↑ CD69+CD4+ and CD69+CD8+ T cells; ↑ IFN-g+ CD4+ and similar IFN-g+CD8+ cells (day 5); similar IFN-g and IL-10 mRNA (day 5); Lymph nodes: CD69+CD4+ and CD69+CD8+ T cells; Blood: ↓ CD69+CD4+ cells; ↓ CD69+CD8+ T cells (no difference between CD69+CD25+ and CD69+CD25- T cells → no depletion of activated CD25+CD4+ or CD25+ CD8+ T cells); ↑ MCP-1, ↓ IL-10 and similar TNF-a and IL-6 (day 5)
Amante et al., 2007, Am J Pathol